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Joseph Gifford - teacher and coach of singers and performers
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New Pathways...

Joseph Gifford is a respected and honored teacher who has worked with conductors, singers, and instrumentalists for over thirty years. He brings to his students the possibility of going beyond personal boundaries, to grow into new pathways that lead to the deeper and wider dimensions of the timeless world of music.

As one of his students said, "Working with Joe Gifford can be a life changing as well as music changing experience. His workshops offer a supportive, challenging and expansive environment, which encourages an exploration of the very essence of music itself."


"Do less to accomplish more. Leave behind the I, the me, the ego. Be open, vulnerable, transparent. Come to zero -- so that the music will have it's own voice, not yours, and will move through you with fullness and expressive power."

~ Joe Gifford

Joseph Gifford | 27 Chestnut St. Apt 3A | Boston, MA | 617.723.6048 |
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