Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
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A tribute to Joe Gifford from David Feltner

Into the lives of those who are lucky, comes a person who makes a profound impact on each path they will follow, one who will change their way of viewing the world. For me, Joe Gifford is that person.

I met Joe when I was searching -- looking for a way to convey what I knew and felt about music, while attempting to make the transition from player to conductor. Working with him at the American Symphony Orchestra League workshop in Miami, I knew he had something special to offer. Back in Boston, I attended one of his workshops, and have studied with him ever since. Joe has opened up whole new worlds for me, as his gentle guidance helps me find my own path.

He emphasizes the importance of deep relaxation, stillness and being centered -- of visiting that quiet place from which full potential springs. His understanding of the tangible and physical often leads to discoveries about the intangible and spiritual. Joe speaks of going from deep within, of becoming one with the universal. He teaches the joy of going into the unknown: to face everything, fear nothing. Realizing that "the solution to a problem does not lie on the level of the problem alone" has proven useful time and time again. Working with Joe has enabled me to see things with new eyes and a clearer vision. In searching for a way of musical expression, I continually find out more about life.

I will always be grateful to my dear mentor, Joe Gifford.

~ David Feltner

David Feltner
Music Director
The Chamber Orchestra of Boston

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