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Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
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Plaudit from Stephanie Clemens

When I met Joe Gifford in 2006 at a Doris Humphrey conference at Windhover, I was absolutely astonished to find out his age, given his energy and enthusiasm for life. We brought him to Oak Park in 2008 to speak to us about Doris Humphrey and his experience dancing in her masterwork, Passacaglia and Fugue – and we all fell in love with Joe’s reminiscences, his insights and his complete relish for life! 

At the time, I wished I had known him much longer. 

This past fall he was here for a preview screening of Jill Uchiyama’s remarkable documentary The Legacy of Joe Gifford, and after seeing this sensitive portrait of a fascinating man, I feel as though I know him better than many people I have known for years and years. The documentary presents the many facets of Joe Gifford and what he has loved and learned in 93 years of living fully. He is, indeed, as remarkable – and even more so – than my first impression. His love for dance through his association with the great Doris Humphrey, his great gift for teaching musicians and actors how to work from their inner spirit with complete vulnerability and integrity, his enduring relationship with a gifted and brilliant partner, hisjoy in his delightful little companion, a parrot named Hero, and then his raw grief when Hero died, and finally his spiritual journey to radiance – all this is told with film and music that will move you to your very soul. Joe makes me feel as if it will be wonderful to be 93, and he makes me want to relish every 
minute until then!!!

-Stephanie Clemens
Academy of Movement and Music/MOMENTA

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