Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
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Paludit from Peabody Southwell

In a field increasingly seeped in artificiality, Joe Gifford is a vessel of physical, mental, emotional and certainly artistic integrity.  During our brief but mysteriously time-suspended meetings, Joe approached each of our instruments and habits with the innocent awareness of a child merged with his masterful command and long understanding of the art.  His observations and recommendations to my own work were seamless and simple, while invaluable.  He immediately recognized the strained effort suffused in my singing; the "manufacturing" of emotion and sound long before the music had ever begun.  

Through intuitive breathing exercises, visualization methods and just plain listening to the music surrounding me, my voice was set free.  For the first time in all my training and performing as an opera singer, I felt as though I was finally communicating through universal musical means.  Joe Gifford offers, honestly and efficiently, a universal ease for musicians of all forms.  I feel, and hope, my singing will never be the same.
Peabody Southwell, mezzo-soprano
Student, Dep't of Music, UCLA

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