Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
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Teaching and Learning

In Less is More. Letting go of habitual repetitive patterns of behaviour. Developing an inner/outer centeredness and groundedness, and a deeply relaxed, easeful state of being which allows profound alertness to be always present. Transcending the personal, the ego and the mind to realize the universal, the timelessness which infuses all great music. Cultivating the stillness and silence within. Evoking the music rather than miming it.

Coming to that place where you no longer “sing the music”, but the music “sings you.”

The teaching starts with an emphasis on body and movement awareness: centering and grounding, healthy alignment and breathing, relaxation and renewal techniques, and movement improvisation to find a greater choice and range of movement in performing. The goal of the work is to lead the musician to perform with a freer, more spontaneous and expressive body/instrument; to help the performer become increasingly aware of how and why this greater freedom and expressivity take place. Self-awareness is an important principle in the teaching and learning process. The teaching helps each student become aware of old idiosyncratic constricting stress patterns and how to dissolve them. Throughout the work the student is encouraged to leave behind the old and the tried, to take risks and go into the unknown to find new and fresh inner and outer resources.


“Every emotional expression should be done on a release, not a contraction. Do not substitute tension for intensity. Do not confuse the two. When tension begins to disappear, then intensity, a fullness of expression, can take place. Tension always squeezes away fullness and the ease that comes with it."

~ Joe Gifford

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