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Joseph Gifford - New Pathways in Musical Performance
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In 2008 Hannah C. Wiley, director of the Chamber Dance Co. at the University of Washington asked Joseph Gifford to recreate The Pursued, a dance he choreographed and performed with his then partner at their NYC debut. The Pursued was inspired by Picasso's great painting, Guernica, and choreographed to Cante Flamenco music. It was received with great accaim at its first performance and remained an iconic work in Mr. Gifford's repertory for many years. It was performed in Oct. 2008 and Oct. 2009 at the U. of Washington's annual dance festival of historically important dances. A DVD documentary of Mr. Gifford's career was produced by Ms. Wiley with The Pursued as the centerpiece. Here are two plaudit/sharings, short excerpts from the interviews given in the documentary by the dancers, Catherine Cabeen and Matthew Henley, and an excerpt by Mr. Gifford in his interview.

Catherine Cabeen


Matthew Henley


Joseph Gifford


David Feltner
Scott Speck
Robert Franz
Diane Wittry
Michael Lawrence
Peabody Southwell
Adrienne Elisha
Larry Rachleff
John Strickler

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